How to Speed Up Service Through Supply Chain Improvements

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Improving product delivery is a big deal for many retailers who want to get their products into customer’s hands as fast as possible. It’s an even bigger deal for companies like DHL Express who pride themselves on delivering a truly exceptional supply chain service to businesses.

It’s hard work to get such a system in place though, and speaking at last year’s Loyalty World, DHL Express’ Fatima Sullivan shared tips on just how to speed up service within your business.

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Key factors in the presentation focus on:

  • Improving product delivery to serve customers better.
  • Better response systems to help provide accurate information to customers regarding their purchases.
  • Faster response rates to deliver products to customer speedily.
  • Faster Responsiveness the speed at which a supply chain provides products to the customer and resolves their problems improves dramatically.
  • Flexibility of supply chain and the ability to bend to market trends and customer wants.
  • All these go to enhance customer service, leading to improved customer’s perceived value of the company and ultimately to competitive advantage.

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