60 Seconds With GetResponse’s Magdalena Pietras

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Get Response

Magdalena PeitrasGetResponse is a complete email marketing solution for businesses that provide turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited autoresponders, to deliver information to your subscribers and convert them into paying customers.

We got the chance to sit down and talk with marketing manager Magdalena Pietras ahead of GetResponse's appearance at this year's Europe's Customer Festival in September.

Total Customer: What solutions will you showcase at Europe's Customer Festival this September?

Magdalena Pietras: Well, as GetResponse is an email marketing platform, it provides solutions for online marketers to run their email programmes. We've recently also released a number of Ultimation tools that help marketers drive retention of their email programmes.

We want to focus on this first, showing what Ultimation can do to support marketing and its objectives. Also, obviously, what role email marketing can play in an integrated marketing strategy.

TC: What differentiates your offering from others in the online and digital marketing space?

MP: Well, there are a number of ESPs and online marketing platforms that do offer great solutions and we're obviously among them. The real difference is that we offer them a really affordable price. So, for small and medium businesses, it means that they can get access to the latest technologies to help them centralise and run online marketing programmes; all without a huge investment of time and money, which is something I think no other platform can offer.

TC: What challenges do you think your clients are face in the next 1 – 2 years?

MP: The industry in online marketing changes so frequently that I think the biggest challenge for businesses and brands is to keep up with the latest technologies, as well as the changing environment. They have to be on the lookout for advanced solutions that will help them centralise their marketing programmes because being a good marketer requires a lot of effort in terms of being in all channels. Reaching that target audience is becoming increasingly complex.

So, the centralised modern solutions that are out there could help improve this to ultimately keep them competitive, keep their offering as versatile as possible while still addressing their growing needs appropriately.

TC: If you had to give a tip to your customer to help them overcome these challenges, what would it be?

MP: I pretty much answered this already, but always be on the look out for all the good solutions that are out there for a customer's needs, just don't ignore anything potentially helpful. So, make sure you're marketing your business as a solution to all of this.

TC: Based on that, what opportunities are there for them in the industry?

MP: i think that online marketing and the wish to run the business online is a huge opportunity for the brands to achieve a broader reach, making their offering more versatile and stop being limited to geographical boundaries. Customers are all over the world and the brands can do well if only they open themselves to the role of online marketing properly as it knows no geographical boundaries.

That's the biggest opportunity, to take advantage of those limitless possibilities found in going online.

TC: Finally, what are the three main things you're looking forward to most at Europe's Customer Festival in September?

MP: Firstly we'd love to meet other likeminded experts from the industry to help gain an overview of the current market and their opinion of GetResponse. That's really important to us.

We're also, obviously, looking forward to meeting our potential customers to gain insight and offer advice into their needs and the challenges they are facing.

Last, but not least, is the educational aspect Customer Festival offers. We're really looking forward to sharing some of our knowledge with people within the industry, not just inside the email marketing area, but also in the wider online marketing environment. We want share how all those channels can integrate and how Ultimation and centralised management skills can help businesses.

You'll be able to meet Magdalena and GetResponse at this year's Europe's Customer Festival so you can find out more about what they're all about.

You can download the brochure for free to find out more.

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