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This is an era where lots of data are churned out every minute, every day, every week…and all year round. IT professionals in all companies are beginning to channel their attention towards learning how to efficiently collect and manage the data they have received.

When it comes to data management, IT professionals are mainly the brains behind the entire project. Thus, when it comes to data analytics and usage, the IT guys in your company need to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills of Big Data implications and its economic possibilities. In addition, they need to understand how it affects their role within the organisation, such as working in tandem with other departments.

At Big Data World Asia 2012, four Big Data experts gave their expert reviews on how Big Data will change the role of IT, including the working relationship with their fellow colleagues in the marketing team. 

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Their thoughts are summarised into the following:

  • IT needs to keep up with the demands for the management and use of Big Data in order to gain competitive advantage, and at the same time, ensuring data privacy and protection
  • CIOs need to forge closer partnerships with existing business users
  • IT leaders have the opportunity to move away from the role of report-writer and gate-keeper; they are helping businesses make smarter choices on how to use data

Download the eBook to find out more.

In September, there is a premium conference that will offer data management strategy by IT leaders from diverse industries, including retail, hospitality, banks and academics. For more information about Big Data World Asia's programme and speakers, download the brochure here or visit