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Gemma BanksdotMailer is the trusted email marketing partner of global organisations and brands including DHL, EDF Energy, IKEA, and Nationwide Building Society. Its unique solution is the platform of choice for over 50,000 users globally, across both B2B and B2C. Its SaaS based, data-driven email marketing solution, end-to-end campaign management, strategic consultancy, and training programs, provide marketers with the technology and expertise required to drive revenue and real-time engagement programs, using highly targeted and personalised customer communications.

We got the chance to sit down and talk with dotMailer's marketing manager Gemma Banks ahead of its appearance at this year's Europe's Customer Festival in September.

Total Customer: What solutions will you showcase at Europe's Customer Festival this September?

Gemma Banks: This year we're going to be showcasing our email service platform. It's probably one of the most powerful email platforms in the market at the moment, particularly around data-driven email marketing. How can you pool your data into one place and actually do highly-targeted email campaigns to personalise your marketing better.

TC: What differentiates your offering from others in the online and digital marketing space?

GB: Other than being a powerful email service platform, it's also highly scalable. So, whether you're a small company or a large corporation, it can actually be applied easily to both. Very few email platforms can do that, they're either one end or the other.

We also have integration with the top CRM systems out there and have our own bespoke integration team. If you have different data silos across different platforms that you have to pool together, we can create integration for them. There are others that offer such a service, but not at the same level we do.

TC: What challenges do you think your clients are face in the next 1 – 2 years?

GB: I think the industry has changed a lot already. I think customers nowadays are expecting more personalised one-to-one emails and marketing campaigns. The customer life cycle has altered, companies now have to try and understand their customer life cycle and how it works along with how customers interact within a company – be it through shops, emails, websites. All of these aspects have to come together.

Their biggest challenge is to make it a seamless journey for the customer, making people feel like they're not just one in a sea of thousands – they're actually being treated to personalised communication.

TC: If you had to give a tip to your customer to help them overcome these challenges, what would it be?

GB: From dotMailer's point of view, our platform can certainly help with the life cycle and improve communications to make them more personalised one-to-one affairs. Using all this cross-channel data, you can actually create a personalised single view of your customer, which means you can target and segment. You can turn round to them and say "you bought that red dress online three days ago. Have you tried this red jacket?"

It's all done automatically through triggered emails to make it entirely seamless.It's no different from when you receive a thank you email for purchasing something online, you expect it straight away. People don't want to wait three, four or five days to receive an email saying thanks for your purchase.

That's exactly how it is with marketing. You leave something in your basket, you log off without buying, two days later you get [an email saying ] "Do you know you've left this in your basket? 25% off discount or free shipping if you go back and buy now." That's the kind of thing that's going to help with the seamless customer life cycle.

TC: Is it increasing customer engagement and revenue?

GB: If you increase your engagement with customers and make it more personalised it's proven that people come back and buy. All this targeting and retargeting, the click through rates on emails, the open rates and conversion rates are all increasing tenfold with those who do it right compared to those who don't. Even clients we've got who we've helped push up their email marketing campaigns to the next level, within a month they say "wow, the ROI has increased tenfold and it cost us minimal to get there".

Email marketing is the cheapest marketing tool out there. It also has the highest proven conversion rates. It's a bit of a no brainer to do it really. Once you've got it all set up and got all the triggers going and the segmentation in place, it's just there running. You really don't have to do too much.

TC: Finally, what are the three main things you're looking forward to most at Europe's Customer Festival in September?

GB: We're obviously looking forward to the networking opportunities Customer Festival presents, not just wit customers, but with speakers and sponsors who all seem to be a very strong group of clients and companies.

We're also moving how dotMailer is being positioned, moving more into thought leadership – which is a new thing for our company. This is going to be the first event that starts moving us this way. It's going to be quite exciting to see how that goes and the reaction we get.

It'll also be interesting to hear other speakers and see what they have to say about the industry as a whole as it always helps to get other viewpoints.

You'll be able to meet Gemma and dotMailer at this year's Europe's Customer Festival so you can find out more about what they're all about.

You can download the brochure for free to find out more.

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