Top 20 Big Data Thought Leaders

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These are the top 20 big data thought leaders. Haydn Shaughnessy over at Forbes put together this fantastic list of the major influencers in the big data world. From there, I found their twitter accounts or blogs and linked them up to their names. They are not defined so much by how many followers they have but rather by the quality and activity of their blog posts and tweets. The activity of these leaders represents the rich diversity and power of big data innovation. Enjoy!

20. Vincent Granville


19. Paul Miller


18. Jon Oltsik

Network World

17. Jon Sumser

Two Color Hat

16. Christian Verstraete

Supply Chain & Technology, HP

15 Gregory Piatetsky


14. James Taylor


13. Angela Guess

Semantic Web

12. Rich Brueckner

Overhead in PDX

11. Stephen Deangelis

Enterprise Resilience Management Blog

10. David Vellante


9. Dion Hinchcliffe

Dachis Group

8. Roger Ehrenberg

IA Ventures

7. Roger Jennings

OakLeaf Systems

6. Jeff Kelly


5. Kristen Nicole


4. Barb Darrow


3. Klint Finley


2. David Smith

Revolution Analytics

1. Bob Gourley


These are the kinds of ideas that will be covered at Loyalty World USA 2013 which is co-located with Big Data World 2013 this October.

[image – flickr readerwalker]