4 Ways to Impress Your Customers

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What's the best way to impress a customer?

To put it straight, there is no definitive "right" or "must do" way. There are probably tons of creative ideas out there that a marketer or customer service officer can name, but here are four ways- courtesy of some inspiration from Forbes – how companies can achieve excellent customer service,


1) Never turn your customers down

If you’re given any insane or difficult request from a customer, you should go all-out to fulfil their request. Customers will appreciate the effort to keep them happy and will likely return and tell friends and family.


2) Going the extra mile for your customers

Understanding your customer’s specific need or want helps. Surprise them by going that extra mile to fulfil a need, no matter how great or small it could be, that’s important to them. They’ll be thankful for your attention to detail.


3) Tweet at your customers

This helps reduce the barrier between a brand and its customers. It also helps customers feel valued when a brand acknowledges their likes and dislikes, as well as appearing to be openly working towards improving their service. Twitter also allows brands to respond in real-time to unhappy customers to address any issues immediately.


4) Great customer service is everyday

Brands need to continuously maintain a good relationship with every customer and good relationships are built upon continuous customer engagement efforts. Making customers feel valued shouldn’t happen only during promotions or marketing campaigns, you’ve got to be there to serve your customers all year round.

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