Download: Data Governance and its Challenges

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Consumers' personal data becomes more and more significant and complicated every single day. Equifax works to empower consumers with information they can trust. They leverages unique data, advanced analytics and proprietary technology to enrich the lives of consumers with credit report assistance, education and credit and identity products.
We recently sat down with Kenneth Viciana, Vice President of Data Integration of Equifax, to discuss his role in data governance and the challenges we face. Equifax manages high volume and variety data from innumerable demographics and sources. The result has been an overwhelming amount of data and Ken is responsible for executing project plans to ensure best practices are in place for loading, storing and delivering integrated data.

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Hear from Ken on:

  • his role and responsibilities
  • challenges of working with high volumes of data
  • how to overcome these challenges
  • consumer data integration
  • and more

Ken will also be presenting the role of data governance in the world of Big Data on October 29th at this year's Big Data World USA.