Download: 7 Insights to Monetise Customer Data and Maximise ROI

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Marketers and organisations around the world are beginning to understand the importance of using Big Data to improve business processes and enhance the performance of their marketing efforts towards customers. While the business value and ROI of using Big Data are definitely lucrative, many will find it a challenge having to align their data organisation strategy with the right business questions and using data visualisation to see consumer perspectives & behaviours.

At Loyalty & Big Data World Asia last November, several key leaders in the industry shared effective tactics that can help organisations capitalise on customer data to optimise the ROI in business intelligence tools. Gain some interesting perspectives into how this can be done by downloading the eBook now.

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1) Using data to data to personlise content delivery to users in building customer loyalty

2) Have a long term investment horizon to appropriately value the ROI on investing in Big Data

3) Monetise your data through partnerships

4) Use customer data to define the offer

5) Move away from a CRM-style to a data stream-style strategy

6) Share the data with the rest of the business

7) Have a single view of the customer by having a common source of data

Download eBook here to find out more.

Be ahead of competitors and learn how you can harness the commercial value of Big Data to enhance business ROI at Loyalty & Big Data World Asia 2013 this September. For more information on the programme and speakers whom you can hear from, click here.