The One Secret Brands Must Consider to Increase Loyalty

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Brand loyalty comes in all shapes and sizes but there’s one group that’s consistently loyal—the environmentally contentious consumer. In this sense, consumers are loyal to not just the product itself but also to the ideals and beliefs of the company. This arguably creates one of the strongest threads of brand loyalty for consumers. In turn, it's crucial that companies curate their environmental and sustainability strategy in order to boost consumer loyalty and protect the environment.

Here are some key facts in the new EcoPulse study by Shelton Insights

· 58 percent of survey respondents agreed with the statement, "Global warming, or climate change, is occurring and is primarily caused by human activity," – up from 48 percent in 2010.

· Corporate reputation continues to increase in importance in purchase decisions, both a brand’s reputation for making green products and a solid corporate environmental reputation 

· Philanthropic goals that align with consumer priorities can positively impact purchasing decisions

· 20 percent of survey respondents are more concerned about genetically modified or engineered foods, up 6 percentage points from the previous Eco Pulse survey

· 78 percent of shoppers purchased green products in a brick and mortar store instead of from an online outlet

As the findings outline, environmental sustainability is of increasing importance to more consumers each year. Moreover, these sales thrive in the brick and mortar store which add to the experiential element of purchasing the product.

These are the kinds of ideas that will be covered at Loyalty World USA 2013 which is co-located with Big Data World 2013 this October.


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