Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment- Sheldon Quarmby, CEO, Interfile

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This presentation focuses on 4 main topics involved with electronic bill presentment and payment:

1)The Problem
2)What is EBPP
3)Omni-Channel Approach


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The problem focuses on:

  • NOT e-billing or e-statement (email or MMS))
  • Not electronic payment
  • One unbroken transaction
  • Registration, validation, reconciliation, dispute, history, reminders, etc
  • Realising the benefits needs a solid understanding of both biller and customer requirements and behaviours
  • Real value lies in strengthening relationships through conveniently engaging Biller and Customer

Three Models

  • Biller Direct
  • Biller Consolidation/Aggregator
  • Customer Consolidation


The benefits of electronic bill payment:
The bill is the only guaranteed form of communication, Self service (No service) and convenience
Opportunity to engage customer – targeted communications
Cashflow – biller and customer
Guaranteed account reconciliation
Customer demographics
Production costs
Support costs
Operational efficiencies – disputes, re prints, proof of payment


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