Japanese Advertisers Turn Women Into Walking Billboards

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In Japan, specifically in big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, advertising space is a premium and you aren’t even ensured your advert will garner much attention amongst the sea of neon lights, music and moving images. However, one PR agent has come up with an inventive way to get campaigns across through the medium of girl’s thighs.

“It’s an absolutely perfect place to put an advertisement as it is what guys are eager to look at and girls are okay to expose,” said Hidenori Atsumi, the PR agent who saw a goldmine in these young women’s bodies.

Over 3,200 young women, who have to be over the age of 18 to sign up, have registered to rent their thighs for ad campaigns that require them to walk around the city for at least eight hours with the body print on and visible. If using women’s bodies to help capture Japanese men’s attention and sell the product wasn’t enough, Atsumi-san recommends that the girls wear mini-skirts and long socks in order to make their “billboards” more seductive.

While Japanese society is a very different place from that found in the west, it’s still rather strange to see society embrace – what is quite frankly – the exploitation of young women in Japanese society.

Perhaps this isn’t the place for such comment and debate, but we’d love to hear your opinions on the matter, is this a genius marketing move by Atsumi-san? Or is it instead little more than the engraving of misogynistic ideals inside society.

Could you ever see the move being replicated in the West?

Would you ever decide to capitalise upon such an opportunity?


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