Why Europe’s Railways are Finally Becoming Passenger-Focused

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Europe's rail passengers have a lot to look forward to. In 2010 the international rail market was deregulated on the continent, meaning that cross-boarder operations were no longer the sole right of each state-owned incumbent railway. For the first time, other operators could launch competitive services, resulting in new passengers services like Deutsche Bahn's new Eurotunnel operations. At a national level, some countries have also deregulated allowing services like NTV to launch in Italy, and WESTbahn in Austria.

At the same time, high speed rail continues to develop and is emerging as a very viable alternative to air travel across Europe. Together these two factors are creating a customer-focused industry in a sector which is traditionally very inward-looking. For the first time, Europe's railways must think of themselves as commercial consumer operations, and compete with one another to secure market share. That competition is having a very positive impact on passenger experience and focus.

IT provider Amadeus commissioned this report, The Changing Face of Rail Travel, in response to the recent developments in Europe's rail market.

Download the report here to find out:

  • The impact of current trends and how they are shaping the rail market
  • New challenges facing Europe's rail operators
  • New requirements that passenger rail need to fill in order to start delighting their customers
  • How technology partners can help

Download the full report here

In 2011 we launched the Rail Revenue & Customer Management Congress in response to this changing market. In the past two years it's attracted a fascinating mix of traditional rail executives sporting engineering backgrounds, with a new age of customer-focused executives with backgrounds in travel, retail and marketing. It's genuinely one of my favourite events off the back of this dynamic, and I'd love for you to join us this year to find out more about this engaging sector. Find out more here.