Wait, What Outranks Brand Loyalty?

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Brand loyalty is strong but apparently not as strong as sports team loyalty according to a new study by Columbia Business School and Tulane University. In the study, superstition played a key role in the fan's purchases: say a fan buys a six pack of Budweiser to watch game one of the World Series and her team wins. Chances are she will buy Budweiser for game 2. In this way, the consumer aligns Budweiser brand with the success of his team. It's superstition and a dynamic form of brand loyalty.

There's a darker side to this as well: brand loyalty becomes sacrificial for the success of a sports team. Say if fan 2 is watching game one with fan 1 and she prefers Coors and the opposing team—her team loses so she might purchase Budweiser the next time around for a win. Brands seen as good luck can either be extremely favorable or extremely unfavorable. Coors is sacrificed for Budweiser.

But before you go and toss all your favorite brands into the cenote for the Gods of Sports and Goddess of Team ____ consider the marketing implications. Associate brands with success.

Phys.org writes: "A case in point is a recent Bud Light commercial that shows the odd ways in which NFL fans root for their teams, with the tag line: ‘It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.'"

It worked. “Some of our fans must have been drinking Budweiser!” the sports announcer yelled.

These are the kinds of ideas that will be analyzed at Loyalty World USA 2013 which is co-located with Big Data World 2013 this October.

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