Download: Right-Time vs Real-Time: Determining the best time to market

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TIBCO Loyalty Lab Download Right-Time vs Real-Time Marketing

Real time is about knowing what happens, as it happens, but it might not always be the ideal timing for customer engagement. The most appropriate time to respond to customers is best called "right-time marketing”.

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This whitepaper provides a useful framework to help you decide when to use right time vs real time based on the following factors:

  • The context of the engagement between brand and consumer
  • The channel through which the engagement will take place
  • The characteristics or traits of the specific consumer

Download this whitepaper now >

You can also listen to TIBCO Loyalty Lab's webinar:  Is There Ever a WRONG Time to Market? Right Time vs Real Time.


TIBCO Loyalty Lab will also be in attendance at this year's Europe's Customer Festival, a perfect chance for you to pick their brains and get the most out of your loyalty marketing.

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