Big Data’s Big Future for Retail

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Big data is big business for retail and is a great way to ensure your business manages to capitalise upon every opportunity that a customer gives you. It means you can shrink your store sizes and minimise cost while ensuring a high return thanks to more targeted advertising and offers that genuinely appeal to customers.

This video from Intel with Steve Power Brown offers insights into what the future of retail could well be thanks to forward thinking found within big data.

Combining big data with a CRM system can really make a difference to how you interact with customers, and that’s just what ASOS’s Matt Knight did to turn their marketing strategy into gold.

At this year’s Europe’s Customer Festival big data and its interlinking discussions around loyalty and omni-channel play a big part in the future of retail, you’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn’t at least take a look at the brochure.