Webinar: The New Age of Customer Experience – how you can stay ahead of the game

In Customer Experience, Featured on App, Featured Videos, Loyalty & CRM by Vaughn Highfield

Customer experience is changing. Consumers are talking about brands rather talking to them and it’s more important than ever to get your business focused on what your clients are thinking, rather than waiting for them to get in touch with you.

Saying this and doing this are two very different things, but to help you along in your quest for innovative customer experiences, Rapide has gathered a team of customer experience experts to discuss the ever-increasing challenges that face businesses today.

Entitled The New Age of Customer Experience, hear from Colin Shaw, CEO at Beyond Philosophy; Andrew Bryan, Author of the BT Report of Customer Effort: Help or Hype?; Ian Golding, Customer Experience Consultant and Former Head of Customer Experience at Shop Direct; and Mike McMaster, Head of Customer Experience at Rapide as they discuss:

  • Future trends and insights
  • The customer effort and its relationship with your customer experience
  • Entering a new age of ‘social customer experience’
  • How to engage with your audience in real time
  • How technology can involve to enhance your customer experience.

Set some time aside, or just listen with it on in the background, and gain insight into how you can stay ahead of the game.