What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?

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Recently, we've been talking a lot about Big Data; what's the big deal about Big Data and how exactly can this buzz word benefit businesses?

According to history, "Big Data" existed a long time ago – from print in the form of paper to digital forms that is surrounding us in this millenium. Decision makers, marketers and IT professionals are beginning to recognise the scale and value of leveraging on the data gathered to make useful business insights.

According to Keith Carter, Professor of Decision Sciences at National University of Singapore, the "big deal" about Big Data can be summarised as being useful for:

  • Simplifying business models and discovering new opportunities
  • Making intelligent and timely analysis to improve business outcomes – with the assistance of right resources (tools, people, infrastructure)
  • Gaining a competitive edge in the market

Keith Carter was once working at Est̩e Lauder, where he helped to deliver innovation throughout the organisation. Most recently, he led the creation of actionable intelligence capabilities to propel Est̩e Lauder ahead of its competitors. In 2012, he moved to Singapore to hold two posts РAs a thought leader, he is a professor of decision sciences at the National University of Singapore; he also continues to guide corporations to deliver measurable improvements as APAC Regional President of 1st Call Consulting.

He will be giving his intelligent insights at Big Data World Asia 2013's Boiler Room Sessions on how cloud computing can help to decrease the cost of data storage and simplify the complexities of analysing Big Data

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