Dove Literally Go Viral To Preserve Natural Beauty

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Body care brand Dove has had yet another golden marketing idea erupt forth from its collective brain as ad agency Ogilvy Toronto produced a rather viral – in both computer and Internet senses – marketing campaign to promote natural beauty.

Instead of showing the women of the world in their full curvy splendour, or getting an artist in to draw portraits based solely on oral discriptions, the newest Dove campaign aimed at those who made a living “improving” how celebrities and models look after the camera has worked its magic.

But how did they manage to make this campaign work? How do you encourage someone who retouches photos for a living to stop and leave it completely unaltered?

Well, Ogilvy decided that the best way was to trick them. That’s right, they created a Photoshop Action – essentially a tool for Photoshop users to perform a task quickly – that advertised a bloom effect onto images. Known as “Beautify”, this Action was then distributed through the web via sites creatives regularly frequent, such as Reddit and other Photoshop resources sites and forums.

This viral spread of the tool was quick, yet the most interesting thing about Beautify is the trojan horse hidden within it all.

For those who used Beautify instead found their images reverting back to the original state, along with a small sign slapped onto the side to say that real beauty already exists and that these creatives shouldn’t “manipulate our perceptions of real beauty.”

Luckily the change wasn’t permanent as it could be undone very simply, but it’s quite the effective tool, even if it does rely heavily on trickery.

What do you think of Dove Canada’s newest marketing technique?

Effective? Or just a step that aims at the wrong audience?

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