Has Apple Won A PR Battle Before it Started?

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Apple, known for its shiny iPads, iPhones, iMacs and Macbooks, has never been the champion of customer relations issues. Largely they ignore consumer problems and skirt around issues with a slightly elitist air.

However, due to their rapidly shrinking sales and market share, it seems that the California tech titan is changing tact and is instead reaching out to assist consumers and their woes – although it did take a dead Chinese woman to make them step up their game.

Coming in the wake of faulty charger claims due to third-party and fake manufacturers providing cheap peripherals to consumers, Apple has offered a rather clever trade-in system.

If you forked out for a third-party or fake charger, you can go to any Apple store and trade it in, paying just $10 to get an official Apple product. This is not only a savvy move by Apple as the $10 charge still sees them making a profit on each charger sold, but it also removes false competitors from the marketplace and gives customers the impression that Apple care about customer safety.

As customers have to come into a store to perform an exchange, it also means that there's the potential to upsell a case, accessory or even a brand new device to customers. Definitely not something to shake a stick at there.

The biggest win out of this for Apple is that it no longer becomes associated as part of the problem.

Now that it's actively offering a trade-in service, it means that customers won't be blaming Apple's extortionate charger prices for driving them to purchase a cheaper alternative.

In one fell swoop Apple may well have saved itself and a slither of its shrinking profits.

Surely you'll agree that this is a completely win-win situation for Apple? Or perhaps you think they'll gain some form of backlash due to the scheme’s rather transparent nature?

Sound off with your comments below.


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