Heard of these Canadian retail start-ups? You will soon

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http://www.flickr.com/photos/jiscinfonet/ Home Delivery World Canada invites retail start-ups from all across Canada

In celebration of this week's International Startup Festival in Montreal, we put together a collection of Canadian startups that will be disrupting the retail home delivery scene. These ten companies have all started just within the last 3 years and they have already rounded up a healthy amount of followers and subscribers.

Their products range from women's apparel and eye glasses to razors and underwear and there's nothing that these ladies and gents can't provide to their consumers. They've capitalized on the customer's aptness for convenience and innovative purchasing processes. Lucky for us here in New York, some of them ship to the U.S. as well!

We're glad to have so many start-ups speaking at our Home Delivery World Canada event. I know I've probably missed the boat on some of them, so please let us know if you have any other Canadian start-up retailers in mind!

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Involved in the home delivery industry? Check out Home Delivery World Canada, taking place September 16-17 in Toronto, Canada.