Hilton Hotel: How to build brand loyalty in developing markets

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Hilton - Alfie Yee

Building customer loyalty does not work the same way in a developed nation as compared to a developing nation. Other factors such as demographics and lifestyle vary from one country to another.
At Loyalty World Asia 2012, Hilton Worldwide's Senior Director of Marketing – APAC, Alfie Yee, shared with us the approach taken by one of the world's most prestigious hotel brand in building a loyal pool of patrons in developing markets.

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  • Hilton's approach:
  • Deliver cost-effective benefits that generate incremental member engagement
  • Expand utility of points for members
  • Show loyalty to the best customers
  • Extend reach and value beyond its distribution
  • Engage in strategic partnerships

Download the presentation.
As Alfie mentioned, delivering customer satisfaction is only one portion of loyalty; nonetheless, it is essential for customer satisfaction to constantly be met before a brand is able to earn its customer's loyalty. In addition, there are other components and activities to be fulfilled on the journey to secure customer's loyalty. Learn and discuss the essential components of a customer loyalty campaign at Loyalty World Asia 2013.

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