It’s ladies’ night in Canada’s supply chain sector

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There’s a labor shortage in Canada’s supply chain sector. A pretty big one at that – the industry is currently looking for qualified individuals to fill 357,000 positions. With a growth rate of 1.7% each year, where is the industry hoping to find these new workers?

Step up, ladies.

At the moment, women are heavily underrepresented in the supply chain world. What’s a good way to fix this at the same time as supplying fresh blood to Canada’s anemic supply chain organizations? The solution is obvious.

Recognizing career growth potential for Canada’s women, as well as help for the industry, Linda Lucas and the Van Horne Institute have set up a website called Women in Supply Chain.  The idea is to encourage women to pay more attention to the opportunities offered by supply chain positions – jobs that had previously appeared more attractive to men. As of 2012, men held approximately 61% of jobs in the supply chain business.

According to Linda Lucas, “In Alberta, we already have a shortage of people in six of the 10 (occupations) and that situation continues on…The main reality is that we have two pressures in Alberta: one is the demographics shift – people leaving the workforce – and the other relates to growth.”

The Calgary Logistics Council, Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council, and Van Horne Institute President Peter Wallis has been involved in the effort to gain recognition for the issue as well.

There has already been a noted increase in the number of women studying supply chain management in universities and training programs.

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