Love it or Hate it: consumers hate Marmite’s genius ad

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Marmite, the yeast extract spread, is well-known for dividing opinion. Some love its putrid aroma and foul flavour – as you may well be able to guess, I’m not one of those people.

Because of the brand’s heritage of bisecting the nation, recent adverts have riffed on the notion that it’s really not for everyone. However, its latest advert – which I feel is a stroke of comedic genius that’ll cement the brand in customers minds – has faced quite the consumer backlash.

The BBC reports that the Advertising Standards Agency received over 250 complaints within 24 hours of the advert airing on TV on Monday 5th August.

Complaints surrounding the advert were in the nature of it being “offensive”, “in poor taste” and believing it “trivialises the work of animal welfare charities”.

It seems that the advert – which can be seen above – only got a strong response initially, with complaints dropping off over time.

A Marmite spokeswoman from Unilever said it was “never [their] intention to cause offence.”

“We believe we have created an unmistakably Marmite ad – people will either love it or hate it and they certainly won’t forget it,” she went on to say. “We hope that everyone will watch and enjoy this commercial in the light-hearted way it was intended.”

What’s your take on the advert?

A stroke of genius, or a forgettable foray into the world of the offensive?