Your 40 seconds of fame

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Your 40 seconds of fame

Picture this: a bored customer waits for the cashier to scan his items.  40 seconds go by. Aside from ringing up the total amount and saying "Thank you for shopping," what else can a retailer do during that time spent until the checkout is complete? Is it possible to leverage these precious seconds of wait time with the customer to strengthen their loyalty and retention? According to Synqera, it is.

The newest technology from Synqera utilizes a complex arrangement of big data analysis of front-end POS, CRM, and ERP back-end systems to create a new point-of-engagement with customers at the checkout stand.

The new system pulls physical attributes from a customer's loyalty card and enriches them with data about the customer's mood—which is collected with facial recognition technology–and then partners them with back-end data and external events to create an innovative analysis. The breakdown of the multiple data flows allows the retailer to create customized loyalty offers on a device touchscreen. The software also allows retailers to contact customers via email, apps and texts once they left the store.

While this technology poses a variety of new opportunities for retailers to better understand who their customers are and what they're really interested, it's important that companies still understand the need for respecting privacy.  Synqera only treats depersonalized data, so it's up to the retailers to avoid becoming creepy and learning "too much" about their customers.


To learn more about Synqera's new system and how customer communication and personalization technology can be leveraged into a comprehensive loyalty strategy, join us at Loyalty World USA, October 27-28 in Las Vegas.