Customers love this overlooked CRM strategy

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A new survey out today celebrates the importance of video content in forging a stronger relationship between a business and its customer.

Really? Do videos truly play a pivotal role in building a relationship with customers?

On a personal level, I'm hesitant. I love video content but often find them tedious and poorly produced. They have to be original content that adds value to the creative curation of a site or a brand for me to really enjoy them. Nonetheless, I think I am more inclined to press play instead of scroll down a page reading. Video CRM makes sense.

Take a look at some of the findings:

Impact of Engaging Customers

· Eighty-one percent described video as extremely or very important in engaging customers. (source:TechValidate. TVID)

· Thirty-five percent of respondents cited retaining and growing their subscriber base as the primary purpose for using video to engage with customers. (source:TechValidate. TVID)

· Twenty-eight percent said they use video to help convert prospects into customers. (source:TechValidate. TVID)

Benefits of Online Video

· Eighty-one percent stated that video allowed deeper engagement with audiences. (source:TechValidate. TVID)

· Seventy-two percent agreed that video helped them deliver messages more clearly and efficiently to target customers. (source:TechValidate. TVID)

In this sense, I think I may have underestimated videos as a fantastic CRM strategy. There is nothing like a flat out genius video campaign to solidify a brand.

Learn more about these strategies at the US 2013 Customer Festival this October where top marketers and c-levels will be discussing tangible loyalty solutions.


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