Canadian Retailer Sees Triple Digit Sales Growth Thanks to Revamp of E-Commerce Store

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Canadian Retailer, London Drugs, Sees Triple Digit Sales Growth Thanks to Revamp of E-Commerce Store

London Drugs, a Canadian retailer with over 70 stores across the country, has grown exponentially in the past few months thanks to a revamp of their e-commerce store in November 2012. Despite opening their e-commerce store in 2002, it wasn't until updating their e-commerce store to add many new features like a finder tool, a way to ask their customers questions to help determine what they're looking for, etc., that the website saw such a rapid and substantial increase in revenue – experiencing triple digit sales growth.

According to COO and senior vice president Clint Mahlman, "Our product mix, competitive pricing and commitment to service beyond the online transaction is proving to be a significant advantage for London Drugs online customers."

Currently their top-selling categories of products are beauty, cameras, and computers. The category that has seen the most surprising growth thanks to the e-commerce store is baby supplies, most likely due to the ease with which busy parents are able to make purchases from the site.

In order to meet the demand exposed by these growing sales, London Drugs has created two new fulfillment centers with the intent of benefiting their customers by lowering shipping times while decreasing delivery costs.

Another way the company has seen an increase in revenue is by allowing their customers to pick-up products in-store after ordering online. London Drugs has determined that immediacy is an important factor to their consumers and that in-store pick-up is proving to be a something that a lot of their customers are interested in taking advantage of.

London Drugs has seen most e-commerce sales come from consumers in British Columbia and Alberta, followed closely by online purchases from Ontario and Quebec, with Saskatchewan and Manitoba not far behind.

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