Presentation: How to build a social community from the ground up one loyal ambassador at a time? Elan Lohmann

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Elan Lohmann

Elan Lohmann, Founder of Sleekgeek  spoke to the Internet Show last year.

In His presentation he talked about how Sleekgeek is a social community which provides those that want it:

  • Activation (Challenge)
  • Support (Social Media)
  • Motivation (Social Media)
  • Accountability (watch this space)
  • Education (Social Proof/sharing)
  • to achieve THEIR healthy LIFESTYLE goals

Download his presentation here>

In his presentation he discusses:

  • Platform strategy:
  • Facebook GROUP = Core activity, community bonding, interaction, conversation, rich subject matter. (quality, stong bonds)
  • Facebook page = viral hook (tease, weak bonds)
  • Twitter = Reminder/awareness service. (Noise, medium bonds)
  • Next step = Pinterest (visual sharing capacity)

If you would like to take a look at the way social media needs to be defined by the organisation you can download the presentation here>

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