Download: 8 Dramatic Data Bombs across 8 Different Industries

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Download: 8 Dramatic Data Bombs across 8 Different Industries

Big Data is the buzzword.

Big data is everything—it can, for instance, provide important CRM and ROI strategies for small businesses and multinational corporations alike. It can provide critical insights for international development; it can help environmental organizations improve policy recommendations; it can even save governmental organizations and corporations immense amounts of money. The possibilities are endless and headlines are where big data thrives. Why? Because these analytical approaches provide insights that radicalize and interrupt the norm of companies, culture, and power.

In this e-book, you'll find a list of eight data bombs across eight different industries that demonstrate just how far reaching Big Data is. When used appropriately (or not so much in the case of #7) Big Data can metaphorically provide companies and organizations with the ability to drop ‘data bombs' in their operations systems. The results are dramatic and consistently increase productivity.

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Some examples include:

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