Infographic: How to Drive Consumers’ Decisions Across Customer Life Cycle

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41,569,346,626,130 points ago it was all about creating the most attractive points scheme where customers could redeem their points for various rewards. With over 130 million customers from five continents it's clear for Comarch that emotional loyalty is the key to a successful loyalty scheme. This is why, it has developed more tools to analyse customer behaviour and understand what makes the difference at the Moment of Truth…

Comarch believes that cutting-edge technology, sophisticated mobile apps, gamification, social customer relationship management (SCRM) and augmented reality can freshen up a schemes' image.

The number of potential channels for businesses to gather customer data from is continuously growing. The more data we gather from loyalty schemes, the more our marketing activities can strive towards meeting the needs of customers. Nowadays it's not about how to collect more data, but how to retrieve it from many different sources. That's where omni-channel loyalty kicks in.

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Let Comarch guide you through a customer journey of a teenager, millennial and a 64 year-old gentleman. What could be done to drive consumers' decisions across their customer life cycle?

Let's find it out. Let's play a game.

This wonderful infographic:

· Details how to drive consumer decisions through a customer's life

· Provides case studies to how different consumers shop

· Details customer bugbears and provides solutions to solving them

· Is presented in a clear, crisp and memorable way to help you get the most from your CRM & Marketing programme

Download the infographic >

Comarch is a leading software house specialising in loyalty solutions and global data centre hosting. It is constantly developing solutions to make loyalty programmes more attractive for your customers and more efficient and labour saving for you. Recently they implemented Heathrow Rewards loyalty scheme.

You can meet Comarch and gain insight from their services at this year's Europe's Customer Festival. And, when they've had 20 years on the market, got over 3,700 employees, 39 subsidiaries in 23 countries and over 50 loyalty projects worldwide, you know that they know what they're doing.

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