Shutl Appoint Former eHarmony VP and Urbanfetch CEO as New US Leaders

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Shutl, the world's fastest, most convenient and best loved delivery option has announced that its US arm will be getting two technology and logistics leaders into its management team in advance of a nationwide rollout across the country.

Having operated in the UK for three years now – gaining much attention from retailers and consumers in the process – Shutl is about to start its journey in the US and has brought in former eHarmony VP and Urbanfetch CEO to aid in the process.

Having launched and managed the online dating company eHarmony, Sean Cornwell is an entrepreneurial leader with over 15 years of experience in building and scaling digital businesses. He's also worked with Google as Group Product Marketing Manager EMEA where he led product marketing for monetisation products across Europe. He's also founded a B2B tech platform for writers and a climate change charity and is on the board of venture-backed

As Shutl's new  US CEO, Cornwell is responsible for further supporting UK and US growth as well as planning for further international markets.

"Shutl is a young company on a strong growth curve with tremendous and untapped potential," remarks Cornwell. "I look forward to working with the team to build on the existing momentum, and develop the business into a high-performing global marketplace and trusted consumer brand."

Mike Fiorito will be taking over as head of North America operations and will be making use of his industry leadership to grow the company's US courier network – ensuring that efficiencies in point-to-point delivery are made to benefit the consumer and retailer alike.

Fiorito is a logistics industry veteran with 33 years of experience in building market leaders in same-day, point-to-point, B2B and B2C final mile delivery. Most recently he built Urban Express from a startup into New York's largest independent courier business. He even started his first business, courier company Early Bird Delivery Systems, when he was just 18.

“Over the years I've seen dozens of businesses come and go in this space, however, Shutl excited me because it brings a sustainable business model to market that benefits the shopper, merchant and courier," said Fiorito.

“I'm looking forward to being a part of such an excellent organization with a great product to connect best-in-class retailers and couriers. Shutl has an aggressive growth strategy and our team will be rocketing forward in the coming months."

Shutl founder and CEO, Tom Allason said:

"We are delighted for Sean and Mike to join Shutl – they bring a wealth of experience developing and scaling consumer-internet and courier businesses across US and globe.

"I am confident they will help propel the company new levels of growth and success both here in the U.S. and across the world,"

To get a better idea of what Shutl do and how they plan to expand and grow their business, you can read our interview with Tom Allason. You can also talk to them and find out what it can do for you at this year's Europe's Customer Festival.

Download the agenda now to find out more.

Shutl, US, CEO, Mike Fiorito, Tom Allason, Urbanfetch, eHarmony, Sean Cornwell, delivery, logistics,

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