Dear Customers, Put us in a better tab! Love, Retailers

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gmail tabs

As Vaughn discussed in late July, Google's Gmail service recently split into three main tabs: Primary, Social and Promotions, with the opportunity to add more per user. The update sent marketers into a frenzy as they tried to manage their email marketing campaigns and reduce attrition. Gmail basically sent all emails from retailers, daily deal sites, etc. into the abyss known as the "Promotions Tab". While Gmail users can easily delete said tab, forcing those emails into the "Primary Tab," many retailers were clearly in doubt. Instead, many have taken to emailing their customers, hoping detailed yet simple instructions would help their customers move them to the prized Primary position.

Here is a collection of the several pleas for readjustment to the "Primary Tab"…






While I appreciate the retail community's recognition of Gmail's new design and filter system, I can't help but think some of these emails sound a bit desperate. I'm assuming the whole point of Gmail's redesign is due to user's annoyance with spam and too much email in general. I actually enjoy the tab system because I can immediately see my important personal emails, but I can go through my discounts and promotions when I'm ready for online shopping time. Additionally, I use the iPhone Mail App, which doesn't include the filter system, so I'm most likely seeing the emails anyway.

What do you think? Are these retailers being savvy or annoying in their pleas to their customers?

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