Find out why Nashville really rocks

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According to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, the region is home to more than 1.5 million people and 40,000 businesses, many of which have relocated to Nashville over the past 20 years to make a new beginning. The city’s population has grown steadily in recent years, with high levels of education and rising income levels.

Nashville has attracted many large brands that provide thousands of jobs, including Vanderbilt University, HCA Holdings, Saint Thomas Health Services, Gaylord Entertainment Co., Asurion, Randstad, Shoney’s Inc, Dell Computers, and Verizon. The region is known for its significant contributions to the transportation industry of the United States.

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Find out more about Nashville’s:

  • Appeal to businesses looking to relocate
  • Home delivery work force
  • Supply chain and logistics opportunities
  • Shifting distribution centers
  • Geographic advantages
  • Local expanding retailers
  • Country music

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