How to apply the transition of traditional CRM in technology age- Ayo Oyedepo

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Ayo Oyedepo

Ayo Oyedepo the Chief Executive Officer of Qustomax presented at Loyalty World Africa 2012.

At Ayo's presentation he spoke about the evolution of customers.

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His presentation included what 21ST century customers are:

  • Increasingly more sophisticated and digitally connected.
  • More socially active and interactive.
  • Rapidly and extremely informed as well as demanding.
  • More empowered.
  • More in charge of their lives and business than even the government and business owners.

As well as what the top trends are in customer evolution:

  • E-commerce/digital empowerment has revolutionized how customers interact with organisations and access information. E-commerce revenue is projected to grow to nearly $1 trillion by 2013.
  • Speed of customer decision-making/action is more rapid.
  • Customers have become greater influencers to brand perception. Research shows that 12% of US population refer to some social media platform to make a purchasing decision.
  • Customers demand for greater control, transparency and more exceptional bargains.
  • Increasing requirements for localization, socio-cultural relevance to customers and compliance with local/customer-relevant rules.

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