Innovating with Proven Technology to Get Ahead in T&L

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Nearly all the transportation and distribution companies in a market are governed by the similar labor laws, pay the same fuel prices and share the same roads. So why are some much more successful than others? Winning T&L companies don't rely on cyclical business conditions to be successful. They can be profitable in any business conditions because they are differentiated, either in the services they offer customers or in their underlying business processes.

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Find out about:

  • The Innovation Imperative
  • Proof of delivery improvements
  • Advanced document imaging
  • Innovating with proven transportation and logistics technology
  • How cutting paper cuts costs
  • Transparency created by proof of delivery
  • Leveraging GPS
  • Using imaging to add documentation and reduce paperwork processing time
  • Shipment address validation

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Intermec will be exhibiting at Home Delivery World Canada this September in Toronto. Why not stop by and say hello?