eBook: SDL, Barclays and LogMeIn Share Their Customer Engagement Tips

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Customer engagement is key for any business to succeed and in this vBook collection with responses from SDL’s Chief Strategy Officer, Joe Stanhope, LogMeIn Director of Enterprise Sales, Dominic Cross, and Barclays’ Head of Compliance, Mike Walters, you can get invaluable information on how you can improve your business.

We've put together a companion of key notes to accompany the helpful vBook series from SDL, Barclays and LogMeIn so you don't have to sit there writing any down.

Download these essential notes now >

This eBook accompaniment covers the questions of:

  • How can retailers maintain customer engagement and loyalty in the age of austerity?
  • What do you consider to be the thing that customers care most about?
  • What channel of engagement should businesses be focusing on most?
  • What are the key marketing characteristics going to be in the next 12 months?
  • What will Barclays role be in helping their corporate customers?
  • What is big data's role in the Loyalty equation?
  • What does multi-channel really mean and how do you deploy it effectively?
  • Where do you see the biggest challenges for online retailers?

Download these essential notes now >