LIVE debate: How Cutting Edge CRM, Loyalty and Social Media Are The Perfect Combination

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Watch the stream live at 11am (BST)

Today’s sophisticated loyalty programs provide a consistent customer experience across multiple touch-points and gather ever-more detailed data on their audience’s behaviour, preferences and buying habits. And, whilst pioneering brands are introducing new mechanics for customers to view their rewards and redeem them, many are yet to embrace the true potential offered by social media.

CMOs are now looking for tangible proof that measurable commerce and long-term brand value can be achieved from social marketing. But, without building social media mechanics into existing loyalty programs, most of a customer’s interactions with a brand between commercial transactions cannot be recognised and their positive behaviour rewarded.

Join Richard Jones, founder and CEO of EngageSciences and Olly Foot, Managing Director at MRM Meteorite as they outline the strategies that successful brands are implementing to create loyalty programs that are effective across channels, across marketing disciplines and across devices.

You can watch the stream live here at 11am (BST)

In this session you will get practical advice on:

  • How to profile a customer to identify valuable segments and target individual advocates based on their observed behaviour and preferences on traditional and social channels.
  • How to develop on-going loyalty programs that recognise and reward customers for taking part in an array of campaign mechanics and for recruiting their friends.
  • How social data and loyalty data be used to cross-pollinate each other and boost the performance of other marketing channels.

Don’t forget to come watch the stream live at 11am (BST)

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