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Loyalty gamification is the next big thing for the world of loyalty. It not only turns the increasingly tired world of loyalty into an exciting hotbed of points, rewards and achievements to accomplish, but it injects some much-needed enthusiasm into customer's shopping habits.

But how do I make the most of this new-fangled loyalty technology?

Good job you asked as there's plenty of options out there, but one company that's at the forefront of the game is worldwide loyalty gamification provider SoInteractive.

With offices in New York, Munich, Warsaw and Krakow, loyalty programs around the world have boosted their customer engagement, social customer acquisition and conversion rates thanks to the minds over at SoInteractive.

That's all well and good, Vaughn, but what exactly is gamification?

Another perfectly valid question there. Gamification is, essentially, turning loyalty into a lot of fun for those involved.

It taps into the products and interests of the loyalty user, encouraging them to participate and make the most of whatever activity they're doing. All the while, snapping up rewards for doing so.

Ultimately, it means you'll have an always-engaged and passionate base of loyalty users at your disposal, and that's pretty fantastic stuff really.

Ok, but how can I find out more?

Well, at this year's Europe's Customer Festival SoInteractive is actually presenting their Engagement Platform demo for you to take a look at.

CEO Jerry Filipiak will also be providing a lecture on ‘Network Effect Engagement in the Gamified Loyalty programme’ and a roundtable discussion on ‘Loyalty Member Public Profile: does it work for brand heroes or is it an oversell?’

There's also a chance to participate in a social a gamification experiment where you can accept challenges on the spot and collect virtual badges to rank up against your peers. There'll even be a chance to win a revolutionary Leap Motion controller.

If you want an early edge on the competition, you can pre-register for the experiment and start the game before it kicks off at Europe's Customer Festival.

I'll save you the trouble of asking, if you're interested, come and download the festival agenda for free to find out a whole heap more about what's on this year.

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