Download eBook: A Customer Experience Management Mandate

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In today’s customer-driven era, organisations must deliver compelling and engaging experiences informed by a contextual understanding of their global customers at an individual level.

This eBook features Linda’s customer journey, Linda a consumer purchases a cell phone and contract. Alongside Linda’s story an analysis describes how to use the methodology and SDL’s solutions to enable multinational companies to compete by providing local experiences. SDL created this eBook to examine the challenges multinational companies encounter when developing a global customer experience strategy and the methodology they use to overcome those challenges.

Download SDL's eBook.

You can learn:

  • Framework for Developing a Global Customer Experience Strategy
  • How SDL Empowers Insights
  • Designing & Orchestrating the Customer Experience Plan
  • Solutions for Orchestration
  • Omni-Channel Experiences
  • Contextual Experiences
  • Awareness & Discovery
  • Advocacy

Download SDL's eBook.

In the new world of the empowered customer, most organisations must embrace multi-channel data sources that reach consumers with more individualized communications, offers and products.

An ongoing challenge for a majority is integrating that data effectively, not only at the enterprise level. Customer experience management (CXM) experts must leverage operational and analytical big data, then sync it with campaign management solutions to help identify and respond to customer behaviors.

Organisations that understand customers' actions and optimise engagement with behavioral insights "outperformed peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin during a recent one-year period," according to Gallup research.

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