ICLP Shares Its Thoughts On The Role of Customer Loyalty

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With the rate of change of customer adoption of technology, keeping up with customer expectations and needs can be hard, however it is an essential skill for businesses wanting to survive and excel in the current market. We spoke to Stuart Evans, General Manager UK, ICLP to glean best practice tips and gain insight into what businesses can do to secure the success of their company now and in the future.

This vBook gives insight on:

  • How retailers can maintain customer engagement and loyalty in the age of austerity
  • What customers care most about
  • Which channel of engagement businesses should focus on most
  • What big data’s role is in the Loyalty equation
  • What the key marketing characteristics are going to be in the next 12 months

You can also download an accompanying eBook that contains all the key points in a clear and concise form for you to digest at your leisure.