Nestlé May Have Just Made The Best Brand Page Around

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In what can only be an exceptional marketing decision Рalong with some super-savvy web coding skills РNestl̩ has created, what could be considered as, the best brand page on the Internet.

Designed to promote Kit Kat and their new competition with Google and Asus for the newly released Nexus 7 tablet, some clever Nestlé folks have taken their four-fingered chocolate covered wafer snack and marketed it like a high-end piece of technology.

The Kit Kat 4.4. "The future of confectionary."

The site, which in itself is wonderfully presented with parallax scrolling aplenty, breaks the Kit Kat down to its core elements, throwing in the same jargon a lush new Apple product would have. Their tongue and cheek references are made even better by how seamlessly they fit into the advertising, and by how self-aware it is.

We're told, alongside lush – pre-rendered – images of Kit Kats, that it's "Eye Candy" and has taken "78 years of precision confectionary engineering" to make Kit Kat a "bar of near perfect, four-dimensional symmetry." It also has an "edge to edge display" and "universal compatibility".

It's breakdown of what's inside a Kit Kat is presented exactly like Apple would tear away its outer casings and expose the interior for all to see the gizmos inside.

The way it draws on marketing buzzwords like "TheCloud" and "Mobile", and even provides "accessories" to accompany your chocolate bar.

It even comes in different models to be your perfect accompaniment to relaxing downtime!

Essentially, it's just a parody of technology that wins over fans of tech and those who are seemingly clueless.

The little jokes at how technology marketing is handled will make those in the know chortle, and the use of jargon will make those who are clueless laugh at the absurdity of it all.

There's even a wonderful parody video to round it all off.

Can you think of any better, or similar, website marketing approaches that just hit the mark perfectly?


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