Find out how Delivery Net helped their client save 22% on parcel shipping

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In home delivery, especially when it comes to small businesses, keeping your costs down can make the different between a profit and a loss. Even if a company is loved by its customers, has great service, and a decent-sized client base, delivery costs that are just too high can balance out revenue, especially after overhead and operational costs are taken into account.

In their case study, Delivery Net discussed how this was the case facing one of their clients. Distribution costs were increasing at a higher rate than that of shipping volumes, causing the company’s bottom line to suffer.

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Read the article to find out about:

  • The advantages of Parcel Zone Skipping
  • What companies can do to attract the lowest last mile delivery charge
  • Incorporating a new distribution process
  • Organizing shipments to minimize cost
  • The importance of keeping distribution costs proportionate to shipping volumes
  • How Delivery Net goes about finding the right fix for their customer

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