It’s Not Only Big Data, it’s the Right Data

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Merlin Knott

Merlin Knott, the Director of Business Analytics at SAP spoke at Big Data World Africa last year.

In his presentation Merlin spoke about whether we realize it or not, Big Data isn’t simply something that Global Enterprises are having to deal with.  In all of our day-to-day personal lives, whether young or old, at play or at work, our individual activities, group  interactions and situations contribute to the creation and impact of Big Data.   Think about how you are part of today's Big Data landscape.

Download the presentation here>

In his presentation he discusses the major emphasis of big data has been:

  • How do I store the data?
  • How do I search this data?
  • How do I process this data?

If you would like to learn more about big data you can download the presentation here> 

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