Download presentation: Seize the data: How to implement winning data strategies for revenue growth- Francois du Toit

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Francios du Toit

Francois du Toit spoke at Big Data World Africa last year.

In his presentation, Francois talked about how today there is no clear guideline as to what exactly constitutes "Big Data" however it would not be unreasonable to hypothesise that Big Data is very much in the eye of the beholder.  What is big to you is not necessarily big to me and vice versa.  It follows then that what is seen as big data is determined by objective measures such as the individual's point of reference or previous experience. Big data is a function of your ability to deal with a particular volume of data at a particular point in time. 

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In his presentation Francois highlights what drives such strategy?

  • We can wait for business to create a demand
  • We design and implement towards achieving that specific demand
  • Will become a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • This will not lead to a breakthrough or sustainable competitive advantage

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