Tesco Target Customers With New Hudl Tablet Computer

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Tesco aren't ones to just sit on their laurels. Their Clubcard scheme has done a great job of capturing regular custom and building a loyal customer base.

They recently launched a Tesco Clubcard TV service for Clubcard members, and now they're launching a brand new, budget price, Android tablet called Hudl.

The 7 inch tablet is designed for families and to help fill the gap in the market for bringing an acceptably-priced tablet into the homes of millions. It's a move that can only really benefit Tesco as more customers are sure to use their services through their low-priced tablet. It's even better that Clubcard holders get to grab the tablet for even less than non-clubcard holders.

This is a smart move as it, not only, means that people will be more likely to use Clubcard TV or online shopping if they already have a Clubcard. But it should also see an increase of people signing up for Tesco's free loyalty system so they can get a cheaper tablet in the process.

It's not a bad tablet either, boasting a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, dual-band Wi-Fi receivers, a rich 243 pixel per inch HD screen, 9 hour battery life and 16GB of memory – which can be extended to a meaty 48GB. It also runs on Jellybean 4.2.2 – the latest Android OS.

Set to arrive on the 30th September in around 1000 stores, it'll retail at £119 at Tesco.com and through Tesco Direct, as well as in store. Those who are Clubcard holders and make use of Clubcard Boost can nab the tablet for under £100.

Tesco has also thought about families extensively, even providing incredibly clear parental guidance options for those who initially set up the tablet.

It'll be interesting to see how this venture turns out for Tesco as their Technika range of TVs and electronics have done well in the past. At least they have the data to back them up in such a venture.

I wonder if other supermarkets will follow suit.