Were 2013’s Biggest Marketing Trends Predicted Correctly?

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At the beginning of the year CMO.com published an article predicting ‘13 Major Marketing Trends For 2013'.

Here they predicted that there would be a greater focus on retaining existing customers instead of using it to predominately reach out to new ones. They also believed that marketers would rediscover the advantages that traditional media has, and that organizations who applied advanced tools on their Big Data would benefit from increased customer insight.

They also jumped in and thought that the Digital Wallet would advance into something far more tangible, placing their hopes on Apple’s rather underwhelming Passbook. And that QR codes – which fellow colleague Vaughn despises – would finally “get real”.

However, as we’re creeping towards the end of the year (how did that happen so fast?) do you think that CMO’s predictions were right?

Has social media marketing evolved into a more mature and retention focused proposition?

Has the hype around digital media finally started to die down?

Are we finally using technology because we need to, and not because it’s a gimmick that everybody else is doing too?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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