eBook: Woolworths’ Response To The Future of Retail in Africa

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Future of Retail in Africa


The retail industry is facing exciting times ahead. We've entered an era where ongoing digitization is throwing up new revenue opportunities for retailers, whilst creating more competition, higher expectations with more investment needed. Retailers are left with a stark choice: pioneer or perish! Read More

The barriers to entry are still higher in Africa than in Australia. Ian Moir, the CEO of Woolworths, spoke to us on how Woolworths is responding to the retail trends and innovations. He believes that it is not the north that will be coming south, but the south that will be coming south.

This eBook is designed to share with you Woolworths' response to the trends and innovations facing the African retail industry.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Enhance customer loyalty – more loyal customers
  • Want to become a big foods business
  • Leading fashion retailer in the Southern hemisphere
  • Continue building their business in Africa – very
  • Important part of Woolworths as a whole
  • Want to become an omni-channel business across the Southern Hemisphere – want to be the best omni-business
  • in South Africa

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