Coca Cola’s Strategy to Bring the Brand Closer to its Consumers

In Customer Experience, Featured on App, Loyalty & CRM, Marketing and Sales by Simon Crompton-Reid


Coca Cola's recent campaign, "Coca-Cola Sharing Can", has truly brought out the company's spirit of sharing happiness. The idea of having a can of Coke that twists apart into two smaller cans so you can share is a great way for their consumers to share it with their loved ones or friends!

Coca Cola has marketed its product in a way that the consumers feel a personal touch to the brand. This is one way in which Coca Cola attempts to gain its customers' loyalty, by connecting people emotionally to the brand.

What actually makes an effective marketing campaign? The connectivity between the consumers and the product. A good marketing campaign is actually one that is memorable and stands out. As the competition is high in today's world, we have to be different and unique in marketing our products.

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– Post by Hilda Yin