Instagram–taking e-commerce and social media to a whole new level

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When it comes to social media promoting fashion, it’s hard to find a platform that does it better than Instagram.

Trust me. I listen to my esteemed colleagues rave over it often and at great length. It is definitely an attention getter.

Brands can use the service to collect content generated by individual users to drive sales. This advantage has not escaped CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Systrom, who plans to begin hosting advertisements via the platform. Brands have been turning their attention to how they can actually get users to make purchases.

"I've seen plenty of times when a brand, whether it's Kate Spade or Cole Haan, they'll post an image of some shoes, and the comments are 50 people asking, ‘Where do I get these?' ‘What sizes do they come in?' ‘Do they come in this other color?' ‘When are they available?' And that's awesome”, commented Systrom while discussing the topic.

Smaller retailers have already started offering their customers the option to purchase items by commenting on their pictures.

Fox and Fawn started making use of this tactic about a year ago. Customers have to first call the store with their billing information and Instagram handle. Once that has all been done, however, all he or she has to do is be the first person to comment “Ring me up!” on a product. As long as all the information is in order, the order is then shipped to them.

On average, 25% of Fox and Fawn’s daily sales now come from their Instagram. They have over 2,300 followers on the social media platform. As if to bring things full circle, the brands owners have used the confidence from this endeavor to open a new brick-and-mortar store.

"It really took away an element of risk and fear for us," commented co-owner Beverly Hames. "We had over 2,000 people we could tell about the store."

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