British Shoppers Prefer Shopping In-Store To Online

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In a recent survey focusing on British Shoppers' payment habits, by the next-generation payments company Kalixa Group, it was revealed that Brits of all ages still prefer to stop in store.

However, their number one gripe was that payment methods needed to be faster and that long queues really put them off spending their money.

The study, which surveyed the paying habits of 2,126 UK shoppers of all ages, showed that 81 per cent of shoppers would shop in-store. This is compared to the 59 per cent who also do some form of shopping online.

Naturally, this news should serve to calm some retailers fears that the high-street and retail is dying thanks to the internet and out-of-town shopping centres.

"To find that in-store shopping remains popular is welcome news," said Ed Chandler, CEO of Kalixa. "Retailers can aim to turn this healthy underbelly of popularity of in-store shopping into a source for growth, especially on the high street where shops can use new payment methods to quicken purchase times and significantly improve their knowledge about customers."

However, as mentioned briefly before, customers biggest gripes with in-store shopping, comes from the fact that payment services just aren't up to speed – something we touched upon at Europe's Customer Festival.

60 per cent of all shoppers surveyed cited long queues as an ultimate frustration, with 69 per cent of the older generation of shoppers finding them a pain.

Most interestingly of all, two thirds of survey respondents thought that cash would be a thing of the past by 2020, with 54 per cent predicting that contactless technology will have taken over.

Why? Because it offers up more chances for stores to reduce queues, make sales and provide alternate in-store methods for customers.

There's also a handy infographic for you to check out below.

Kalixa, Infographic, Shopping, in-store, Online, payments, survey

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  1. Caroline Clarke

    In uk at the moment and cannot believe how poor the customer service is inshore compared to nz, Australia, US. Maybe Brits prefer standoffish but for me the experience lacked warmth and enticement to buy. No advantage over online here.

    1. Author
      Vaughn Highfield

      I think it is a more British thing. I, personally, hate shopping in places where the counter staff try to strike up a conversation or where I’m hassled on the shop floor about a certain product or wanting help. I just want to go in, browse, make my purchase and leave. If I need help, I’ll ask for it.

      I know I’m no barometer for UK customer interaction preferences, but a lot of stores adopting more US-based ideas to retail usually don’t get my business in-store.

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