This Guy Can Put A Price on Creativity

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App, Featured Videos, Marketing and Sales by Vaughn Highfield

Jason Sadler, the man behind – a site that had him wearing companies t-shirts each day for advertising – and who was made famous for changing his last name to the highest bidder (so he’s currently called Jason, has come up with a brand new prospect for revenue.

One he doesn’t think has ever been done before: offering advertising space in his upcoming book.

His 200 page book, entitled ‘Creativity for Sale‘ will sport a sponsors logo on the front and back covers and the front and back inside covers too. It’ll also have a short, 140 character-long, sponsored section at the bottom of each page.

Here a company can write absolutely anything they like about their business and in the e-book version it can link through to any website they wish.

He’ll price it at $600 for the first page, and then $3 less on each page, with the last page costing just $3. purchased the inside front flap at $5,000 and the first 30 pages went within half an hour. Clearly there’s some form of demand for Sadler’s’s idea.

Of course, as it says in the video, he’s not even thought about what this book will actually be about.